Teachers: We are not against you! Anyone who uses thousands of vacation without testing first, probably deserves the inevitable explosive diarrhea. The same applies to students in choosing a dear price, and offer them the opportunity to avoid visiting the college is responsible for Mexico (no offense!)

The first change you notice is the addition of two more grade categories: knowledge and competence. Students can record a handful professor on any topic, and more importantly, how easily he teaches others. We understand that some teachers may be worried about being noticed himself, and put in place certain safeguards. The system gives greater influence to the students to check and reduce the impact of those who normally spend their lives posting on Fox News that "Anon. In addition, to avoid clashes of personality may have a disproportionate impact on the overall score, several evaluations of good will compensate for a bad one.

Of course, you should know - after all, is a mathematician, and you're the master!

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