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My School is a site that provides profiles of nearly 10,000 schools from both sectors the location or name. through this site we can see and contextual statistics about each school, as well as results from the Assessment Program.
My school is managed by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (Events). The event is an Australian Government authority shall be responsible for collecting and reporting data on Australian schools, the administration of national assessment in literacy and numeracy and develop the national curriculum.
My School Site provides an opportunity for everyone to learn more about Australian schools, and for Australian schools to learn more from each other. It contains a set of data quality of teachers, schools, parents and the public can use, along with other information, to help ensure that every child in every class to receive high quality education.
In particular, visitors to My Schools can expect to find information about the population of students in each school, average student achievement in NAPLAN, an indication of the benefits of students from time to time, and school financial data.

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