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According to Prof. Leblanc, good teaching is a combination of pleasure (passion) and reason (reason). Good teaching is not just about how to motivate students to want to learn but to teach them how to study well so that what is learned to be relevant, meaningful, and remembered well. Prof. Leblanc likens that treats students (in terms of teaching and educating) exactly how we will treat something (either objects or pets). Lecturers must demonstrate an enthusiasm and affection and then distribute them to students. Some indicators of the impact of good teaching are:
What is taught in the classroom as a stimulus for the subsequent process of student study, for example a topic of lecture a source of inspiration for research students. The way teachers teach to be a role model for his students.

Good teaching should be made that the student is a consumer or client of the science that we sell (the author himself once wrote about a new paradigm of PT services, that student is now the consumer). A teacher must do the best in their field, read from various sources, not just in his field but also outside its own area of ​​expertise. Why? Because good teaching is not only convey knowledge to our arable field (because it is information not only from textbooks and scientific journals of our field), but also about how our relationship in the field of science hasanah other sciences and how its application in the real world.

Is true if one argues that the higher the degree a person more focused and deeper knowledge in the areas of expertise. Therefore, a doctor or professor should learn more of the areas outside the study because, as noted above, the second principle of good teaching is the bridge between theory and practice in the community.

Third In principle, good teaching is the willingness to listen, question, respond with responsive, and understand that each individual student from each class is a personal, unique and different. From each individual student is the final destination, which is getting the science and quality education that can benefit their lives after graduating from education.

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