character of early childhood

The character will be formed as a result of understanding three experienced the exact relationship of every human being (triangle relationship), namely the relationship with oneself (intrapersonal), with the environment (social relationships and environment), and the relationship with the Almighty God (spiritual). Each of these relationships will provide interpretation / understanding that ultimately become the values ​​and beliefs of children. 

How children understand the form that relationship will determine how the world treats children. Understanding will negatively impact on the treatment of negative and positive understanding will treat the world positively. To that end, Grow a positive understanding in children from an early age, one way to give confidence in children to make decisions for herself, to help children lead their potential so they are better able to explore by itself, does not suppress either directly or subtly , and so on. Familiarize children socialize and interact with the environment. 

Remember the choices on the environment largely determines the character formation of children. As the saying goes along with the seller would come scented fragrance oil and mix with the fishy fish vendors will participate. Something like that, good and healthy environment will foster a healthy and good character, and vice versa. And that can not be ignored is to build a spiritual relationship with God Almighty. Spiritual relationship with God Almighty awakened through execution and appreciation of worship rituals are implemented in social life.

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