Intelligence quotient (IQ)

Intelligence quotient (IQ), was built through the reasoning wrong-correct when addressing everything outside of ourselves protégé. It's not particularly influential in creating the personal figure of the plenary. But it must be equipped with a sense of 'good and not' in social behavior as a representation of emotional intelligence (EQ) and the condition of 'calm-anxious' as a manifestation of spiritual intelligence (SQ) which is transcendental.

Besides, reasoning one really tends to make prose 'dehumanization' in self-protégé. They are forced to look at themselves and their environment according to the mechanical benchmarks. While the feelings and beliefs are hidden within him. They are bombarded with artificial personality that one time will hurt the side of humanity itself. Being a successful mixed in with geometric progression, no matter the emotional and spiritual side of children when there is in its environment.

Actualization potential of IQ, EQ, and SQ, will carry profound implications for the students in the way of thinking and behaving. Educate not only makes a person a 'rational', but rather make it be 'irrational'. Because there is great potential within every individual. Not just about social relations between people, but also relationships that are transcendental emotional-spiritual.

Explain the emotional-spiritual existence for the students was supposed to be an important agenda for education providers. Education, unless the aim to form intelligence, also forms a sensitive personal protégé will emosioan-spiritual existence. Education is too concerned with intellectual kecerdasarn reduce human nature itself; as a social being and emotional-spiritual as well.

Then how to cultivate emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ) is? This question implies: (1) actualization of the applicable curriculum, (2) the role of a teacher, (3) the role of parents, and (4) the environment around the students. Everything should be played in integrated, either by yourself or the students themselves outside of their students.

Competency-based curriculum that bloom later used in schools, was originally observed keenly. If only the three rations to manage the potential child's intelligence (IQ, EQ, SQ) is not given in proportion, then the results obtained will be directly proportional to the percentage of it. If he is only different in the 'teaching' rather than 'what is taught', it is absolutely necessary curriculum actualization.

These efforts, not to be feared as a 'violation' of teaching provision to be mutually agreed. Autonomy of each education provider looks significance when, 'official curriculum' impressed dikramatkan which in turn compromising intelligence out put three students themselves. The curriculum was originally actualized in the form of derivatives in accordance with the teaching program that space and time context in which teaching and learning process conducted.

Education providers should bear the risk of trial and error in the teaching-learning process. If necessary each semester, a derivative of the teaching program was changed significantly. Education should be placed as a prose that continues to run (on going process) accompany changes in space and time itself. And he is not considered as something constant and rigid.

In addition, the role of the teacher who had been considered 'central' by most stakeholders for education, must be immediately clarified. Teachers often positioned disproportionate, to not focus on running its own function. When students are in school, is entirely the responsibility of a teacher. But tetkala students outside the school, its role was taken over by parties other than the teacher.

Education is a system that takes the role of all parties; be it teachers, parents, and the environment. A teacher beperan only about 25% of activity when the students left at school. The rest of the parents and the environment, plays a no less important. Over half of the teaching-learning process, actually played effectively by the parents and the environment was.
Capitalization of Education

Is the capitalization of education is an enemy of the integration of the role of teachers, parents, and the environment in achieving the perfect intelligence of each protégé. Since infiltrated ideology of capitalism, 'central role' of a teacher getting scapegoated as the source of the failure to educate a child. Teacher student pee pee standing run ', often used as a byword in the world of education. Though not impossible, sorry, 'how to piss' parents and the environment will also be emulated by every learner.

Having to pay a sum of money, parents and the environment have placed students as a vehicle that is deposited in a repair shop. Tragically, even if successful in only mixed with the benchmark formalistic, namely intellectual intelligence (IQ) un sich. Parents and the environment will no longer feel loss if the value is not covered raportnya red color without going to care about the emotional-spiritual son.

It is more due to the cost-benefit view of such transaction, with satisfaction in intelligence quotient (IQ) of their students. Entrust students deemed worthy by the size of the material, not with a sense of belonging and transcendence of the teaching-learning process of students. Because of emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual (SQ) is desirable, overlooked in the educational climate of the contractual besifat as a result of the capitalization of education.

This is what we can read in the capitalization of education today. Education is fast becoming a lucrative commodity for many people. Motive was due more to seek material gain as much as possible of the 'education business' without the bother for what education itself.

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