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It divides human personalities into four major categories namely korelis, sanguinis, phlegmatis and melancholy.

Koleris firm representing personality types and then tends to lead, well he was a born leader. Leaders who are born naturally so koleris. Characteristics To The Point, he wants everything done fast and right then, he did not beat around the bush but at its extreme point was that he could become too dominant and too set, too controlling, so that others can not stand. And then he wants things done very quickly and then he could be forgetting a few details about the important things to do. That's true personality type koleris. Koleris people will be dressed with a practical, simple, is not concerned with fashion but is more concerned with function than the clothes. And people koleris usually very upright seat once and it runs very upright with head held up. In fact, each personality has their respective levels, very little chance we find someone who koleris true. That is one hundred percent koleris while in others it all zeros. A child who koleris, usually have a strong motivation from within, the term "I know what I want". If you want to drive them, show benefits for children if they do so. For example: "If you're tutoring english it is easy for you to understand the rules of the game is often poor and you do, there are many similar games that we can play".

The next type of personality that is Sanguinists. Sanguinis is a bright, cheerful, could hear him long before seeing the person, a scene once and if wearing brightly colored clothing is usually lively with lots of accessories, well sanguinis is a person who likes to be center of attention. If you come to a party and see a person surrounded by the other, tell stories, all cheered and laughed, then people told me that a sanguinis. Yes, sanguinis is the center of attention. If you see people dressed sanguinis bright colors and lots of accessories, she would not be uncomfortable with it all even he would like, because that way he can attract the attention of others. Sanguinis people will walk in his cheerful and will look to the left right and throw a lot of smiles to people around him. A child sanguinis is a very happy child playing and hanging out with many of his friends. Pleased with the activity of "outdoor" or togetherness fun. Sure easy for you to translate my language related to child sanguinis.

Type koleris and type is the type that Extroverts sanguinis, a type that is open to anyone. Sanguinis was so very open person, so can the story of many things to others and then can easily forget. Sanguinis people so easily forget his promise and also so easily he would immediately apologize. Koleris people will not do it, he would be proud to apologize to us. But they basically are the ones that are open, people are extroverts. Next we will discuss the personality of the Introvert is closed. In this section there are two types of two tipelogi personality and personality is Melancholy Phlegmatis.

Melancholy is a neat, usually writing industrious, neat, complete, detailed as if they were their lecture notes will usually be borrowed by friends. And then he'll have a neat style of dressing, not a single strand of hair that was combed out ok everything is neatly laid out on a place. A melancholy is always very neatly dressed at all, incorporated and color like the color that has a mix of colors to match. So do not be indiscriminate, meaning he will not wear the green and subordinates then it bright yellow. He will consider everything, that's the melancholy. If you bury something can not keep very long, very long time ngambeknya can, but the melancholy is very detailed, much like with the data and facts. Well that's a melancholy. He was an expert in planning and expert in the analysis. The characteristics of a highly visible melancholy child is a child of this very regularly, like neatness, I often find them in academia is a smart and clever. Children really like the melancholy "control" everything themselves. Sometimes specify clothing that will wear, what to eat this afternoon, and so on. They sometimes like to remind us, if out of the room lights turned off, tv or the laptop is turned off.

Then the other personality is Phlegmatis. Phlegmatis is a personality who likes to do everything in the order given, if indeed you have this so this should not dipikirin another, well just go with it. That phlegmatis, the type of faithful followers. He could bear to sit for hours doing something for days, weeks and months in which it can not be done by a person or a koleris sanguinis. They will not bear to sit for hours, days, weeks, months doing the same thing over and over again. Phlegmatis is suitable to do it all, very loyal and trustworthy to hold a secret. That person phlegmatis, they are very easy to set up their very tolerant. Phlegmatis If you have kids, you can say "yes son is now eating", "yes" if you're busy, you could say 'son, now Mama was busy, I'll eat ya aja "," yes "phlegmatis child will not sue you. That would be very different from the child koleris "son ate it later ya", "no! I wants it now "that the child koleris. Children phlegmatis usually tend to be quiet and defeatist. They often avoid conflict and often volunteered he wrote for the borrowed equipment and not infrequently sometimes feel "good guns" to ask for it.

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