Nobility of Science and Morality

Along with the development of education is followed by the increasing number of intelligent people in Indonesia, it can not be separated from the role of teachers in education, from kindergarten teachers, elementary, junior high school, college lecturer, until the Professor in various fields of expertise .

Especially for what I call the last of Professor I got a little interesting review, but prior to request the support for anti-fire with the slogan "So Little Friend, Big So opponents". 

"safe yore, when the disciples of Socrates poked a series questions about who and how to identify the characteristics of a professor?.

Replied the father of philosophy, professor, someone who is very wise, to straighten things wrong be not mistaken, wrong becomes right, the subjective becomes objective, the curve becomes straight. Professor has a high science and expertly designing and modifying the brains of people become better knowledgeable, marancang hearts become softer, and creating a more humane behavior.

Other personal characteristics are fond of spreading smiles to those who knew him and the familiar, positive thinking, he thinks everyone is an inspiring science. Physical characteristics umumnyan not young, many wearing glasses, the way berpakainnya earthy and gentle and soft voice. He was a cool, guiding people with patience gowns, robes serve people with humility and his greatest teachers knowledgeable people capable of producing a "small" to be a little bigger, to lead people astray until no longer lost. Professor loved to produce things that are good and beneficial to the people. Professor never disappoint others.

That the answer of Socrates to his students."

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